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Murphy Mason is a main character on In the Dark. Despite being blind — having lost her eyesight at fourteen years old — Murphy must do what she can to solve a murder when she is the only eye-witness. She is a hard-drinker with an affinity for cigarettes and casual sex.[1]


Early Life[]

Murphy Mason was a foster child who was adopted by Hank and Joy Mason when she was a toddler. She lost her sight completely due to retinitis pigmentosa at the age of fourteen. She spent years spiraling into drunkenness and anti-social behaviour before meeting Tyson.

She met Tyson while going home one night when a man attacked her in order to mug her. He took her backpack and knocked her to the ground before proceeding to kick her and nearly knock her unconscious before Tyson Parker knocked him out with a blow to the head by a metal pipe. He called 911 and had Murphy taken to the hospital. They then became very close friends.

When she got out of the hospital, Murphy met with Tyson in the alley and thanked him for saving her. She went to buy cigarettes and bought him a candy bar. Sitting together, Tyson made a pterodactyl out of paper and let her hold it.

Murphy let very few people help her and would ask for help only from Tyson and Jess Damon, her roommate. Tyson would constantly videotape her when he got a new phone. He ruined his new phone when swimming on the beach where Murphy refused to swim with him.

Murphy confessed to Tyson that she didn't know how to write anymore when discussing what present to get her roommate, Jess, for her birthday; having forgotten how to after going blind. He proceeded to help her re-learn how to write and helped her write a card for Jess.

Season 1[]

Murphy has a one-night stand with a man from a bar before leaving to go to the convenience store. Tyson is in an alleyway where he normally hangs out when Murphy comes to him. She gives him candy she bought with her emergency contraception which he opens for her. He teasingly asks if she wants some pill with her water and hands her the contraception. He then asks her if she's ever been with someone like him, which she replies she hasn't ever dated a minor. He says he's actually a big catch and encourages her to feel his face. She feels his face as they laugh together.

Later that day Murphy is going through the alley and Pretzel refuses to go forward. When she investigates she finds Tyson on the ground in a sleeping bag and believes him to be dead. She screams for help before leaving to call the cops. The cops can't find Tyson that night and detective Jules is convinced Murphy is a crazy drunk. Detective Dean Riley promises that Murphy will be alright to Jess before leaving them for the night.

Murphy devotes herself to finding out about who killed Tyson. She goes back to the alley where she finds Tyson's cousin Darnell. She tells Darnell that Tyson is dead and he claims he's off with a girl. He tells Murphy not to work with the cops and that he'd handle it. Later on, Murphy gets a text from Tyson's phone saying he's fine and couldn't talk right then. Murphy makes Darnell meet her for breakfast because Tyson never texts her as he knows she hates it. Darnell insists he will find Tyson and tells Murphy not to continue working with the police. Murphy then went to track Tyson's phone with Jess and found it discarded. She turned it into Dean and asks him to see if they can find anything on it.

Later, she tries to file a missing person's report for Tyson but can't because Tyson is a minor and it must be filed by his mother. She goes to a food truck Darnell uses for money laundering and asks for Darnell. Darnell won't give her Tyson's mother's information and avoids her. There, she meets Max Parish. He flirts with her and later asks her out in exchange for helping her with Tyson's case. She gives him a one hour date where they go to the beach and drink wine together. After the date, he gives her Tyson's mother's address. She goes to Tyson's mother's house and asks about him. There she finds his iPod in his bedroom and begins crying. Tyson's mother notices and realizes that something is wrong and Tyson isn't okay. As a result, Tyson's mother files a missing person report.

After getting home, she is laying in her room talking to Jess when they hear rocks hitting her window. Outside of her window is Max and he demands a second date. When Murphy refuses he states he knows where she lives and will just keep coming back. She relents and states she'll go on a date for one drink with him which he celebrates and runs off after. Murphy goes back to her bed and smiles about getting the date with Max, despite her denial of smiling due to him.

Murphy goes on a date with Max at the bar. There, he teaches her to play pool despite not being able to see the game, but she hits the cue ball and it bounces off the table. After this Max and Murphy share a passionate kiss before being interrupted by bar dwellers. Max asks if they can hang out again the next day. Murphy and Jess discuss Murphy's like for Max before trying to get into the high school of Kira, Tyson's potential girlfriend. A security guard prevents them from entering despite Murphy's lies and Murphy calls Dean Riley to try and get his help in breaking into the school.

Later that night, Murphy invites Max up to her apartment, claiming it's purely for sex, which she does not care about, because she claims she does not care for Max. She struggles to get her shirt off and Max smiles and laughs at her, looking her over while she undresses. She yells at him and tells him to get naked and he claims it's his first time and he doesn't know how. Murphy explains a one-night stand to him and he refuses to follow her rules. She proceeds to remove his clothes for him, making out with him. They continue to make out and remove clothes before Max states he thinks he might really like her and he thinks she likes him too. In response, she pushes him off the bed and he lands on his erect penis. Jess looks over it for Max and Murphy and says it is likely broken or sprained.

Murphy goes to work and insults Felix. When Felix is made fun of during the staff meeting Murphy snickers about wishing to be able to see his humiliation. Murphy suggests "reaching out" with Kira's High School and Felix agrees to do so, unbeknownst of the plan to find Kira by Murphy.

Max stays the night at Murphy's apartment again because he can't go down the stairs due to pain. When he starts sleeping with her in her bed she goes to the bathtub due to the discomfort of the situation. She wakes up and Max asks for ice to place on his broken penis and Murphy breaks the ice tray and spills ice all over the floor. Max asks if she's okay and says he'd help but he can't bend over, calling her Babe while he does so. She gets mad at him and says this relationship isn't what she wants, that she wants meaningless sex and doesn't want pet names or to get to know each other. They fight and Max leaves, telling her to enjoy her fulfilling drunk and meaningless sex.


Season One
Season Two


  • Max Parish (ex-Boyfriend/in love with)
  • Dean Riley(Fling)
  • Trey(Fling)
  • Josh Wallace(ex-boyfriend)
  • Felix Bell (best friend, one night stand)


  • She suffers from retinitis pigmentosa and lost her vision at age fourteen.



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